The practitioners at Wellness Point have a variety of retail offerings available within our office.

Supplements and Topicals

Standard Process Supplements: whole-foods based supplements that provide the body with the foundation needed to perform at an optimal level. Please visit the “Standard Process Supplements” page on the menu bar for more information.

Patented herbal supplements Please contact our acupuncturist Brittany to set up and appointment to customize supplements to your needs.

Evil Bone Water (Zheng Xie Gu Shui): chinese medicinal topical commonly used for:
•Sports and accidental injuries
•Muscle cramps
•Insect bites
•Broken bones 
•Mild topical anesthetic
•And more To purchase please call Brittany at 410.977.0406


Code of Harmony: skincare designed to calm, clarify, and create harmony in the skin. -Please contact Brittany at 410.977.0406 for more information.

Untangled Bath Teas and Body Scrubs -please contact Stacy at 410.236.5845 for more information


Wellness Point Apparel: Wellness Point tank tops, shirts, and sweatshirts can be purchased directly at the link below.

Untangled Massage Apparel: Please contact Stacy at 410.236.5845 to purchase.